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I think that I would like to see heart disease information given to people at a young age?Looking back, I wish that I would have been a little more proactive.”

Female, age 67

Research summaries: summary of research to date from the Heart Innovation Research Program in understandable language. 

  • Do women report heart pain differently compared to men? View
  • Early warning signs of heart disease and how they can be confused with other symptoms. View
  • Early warning signs of heart disease in relation to pain and anxiety and in relation to other conditions. View
  • How a screening tool was created to test for early warning signs of heart disease. View
  • Men and women experience early warning symptoms and signs of an unhealthy heart up to 2 years prior to a heart attack. View

Individual Research Study – Educational slide Decks and Videos for education (each study with voice over narration of the results)

  • Early Warning Signs of Heart Disease – Information for men and women Video
  • Prodromal Symptoms Screening Scale [PS-SS] Validation in Acute Coronary Syndrome. PPT Video
  • Impact of Prodromal Symptoms on future Cardiac-related Events. PPT Video
  • Prodromal Symptoms associated with Acute Coronary Syndrome -Acute Symptom Presentation. PPT Video
  • Prodromal Symptoms- A Complicated Clinical Challenge: A Case Study. Video
  • How to use the online Symptom Screening Tool Video

Tools: Cardiac Prodromal Symptoms Screening Scale for use for early heart health screening.