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  1. Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses : Excellence in Research Award in Cardiovascular Nursing, 2018
  2. Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Leadership in Nursing Education (Academic) 2018
  3. National Sim-One Expo Research Stream Award 2017. “When the viewpoint changes the perspective changes.” 2017 SIM One Expo, Toronto, Ontario, November 30, 2017 [Oral].
  4. Marie Cowan Young Investigator- Early Career Award [2106 Nominated].
  5. President’s Award for Leadership in Clinical Nursing Practice- Registered Nurses Association of Ontario- 2015.
  6. Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses- Award for Excellence in Leadership-2015
  7. Best Poster Presentation Award for Nursing Research- Queens University/St. Lawrence College, Kingston Nursing Research Conference- 2015.
  8. Outstanding- Student Oral Poster Presentation Award- Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses-2014.
  9. American Heart Association, Council of Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing, Early Career Travel Award-2014.
  10. Award of Merit for an Outstanding PhD Thesis-Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Society- Lambda-PI-At Large Chapter-2014.
  11. Leadership Award in Student Mentorship- Registered Nurses Association of Ontario-2014.
  12. Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award-University of Toronto, Ontario- 2013.
  13. Sigma Theta Tau International- Rising Stars Research and Scholarship Award- 2013.
  14. Outstanding- Student Poster Presenter Award-Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses- 2012.
  15. Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice- Lambda Pi-at-Large Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International- 2012.
  16. Publication Award- Lambda Pi-at-Large Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International-2011
  17. Education Scholarship Award- Ross Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, 2010,2009.
  18. Clinical Trainee Research Grant/Award- Canadian pain Society- 2009
  19. Nursing Research and Education Award- Canadian Pain Society- 2009
  20. Lillian Young Leadership Education Grant- Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Society-2006.
  21. Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses Editorial Award-2006.
  22. Gala Award- Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario-2006
  23. Margaret Avery Memorial Scholarship Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario -2005
  24. Ross Memorial Hospital Education Scholarship-2005
  25. Toronto Dominion Trust Grant for Medical Excellence-2005
  26. Saborin Bursary- Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses-2005
  27. Nursing Fellowship- Class of 5T5-University of Toronto-2005