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Having the information at our fingertips because, when you’re busy working you don’t have a lot of time to look for it. So, having something accessible.”

Registered Nurse, age 44

Clinical Research Abstract Summaries:

  • Impact of prodromal symptoms on future cardiac events: A systematic review. View
  • Prodromal symptoms associated with acute coronary syndrome-Acute symptom presentation. View
  • Women’s experiences of cardiac pain: A review of the literature. View
  • Development of the Prodromal Symptoms Screening Scale: Preliminary validity and reliability. View

Individual Research Study Educational PPP slide Decks for education (each study with voice over narration of the results).

  • How To Use PS-SS for Clinicians & Health Care Providers Video
  • Early Warning Signs of Heart Disease – Information for men and women Video 
  • Prodromal Symptoms Screening Scale [PS-SS] Validation in Acute Coronary Syndrome. PPT Video
  • Impact of Prodromal Symptoms on future Cardiac-related Events. PPT Video
  • Prodromal Symptoms associated with Acute Coronary Syndrome -Acute Symptom Presentation. PPT Video
  • Prodromal Symptoms- A Complicated Clinical Challenge: A Case Study.  Video

Tools: Cardiac Prodromal Symptoms Screening Scale for use for early heart health screening.